UPS Systems and Power Supply

UPS Systems and Power Supply

Our powerfully designed performance-oriented Industrial UPS work accordingly and save users from any adverse input & output transient conditions. They function efficiently and smoothly to bring desired power results to users. High frequency PWM Voltage Fed Inversion (VFI) Technology is utilized in combination with micro-controller based electronic control system to manufacture such Industrial UPS Systems at us.

Industrial UPS Systems

Our Industrial UPS Systems are rated as the vital reliability solution for large scale and critical applications. We have brought significant output performance besides adding further enhancements over previous models to give total comfort to our industrial clients. With a number of new features, clients are assured of enhanced performance, efficiency, applications flexibility and above all reliability.


10KVA – 200KVA 1Phase in – 1Phase Out 3Phase in – 3Phase Out


Connected Load Compatibility Smaller Footprint Higher DC Bus Utilization High Performance PWM Inverter Lower Parts Count Higher Operating Efficiency Lower Operating Costs Lower Heat Output


Single-Module Systems Multi-Module Systems Parallel Redundant Systems Isolated Redundant Systems Load Bus Synchronized Systems Liebert Power-Tie Systems

Three Phase Input Three Phase output General Technical Parameters

HyP Series
Input Parameters
Nominal Voltage
415V, 3 Phase, 4 Wire/5 Wire
Voltage Range
300 VAC-480VAC
Nominal Frequency
50 Hz
Frequency Tolerance
Power Factor
Better then 0.8 at full load
Output Parameters
Power Factor (Tolerance)
Nominal Voltage
400 VAC
Voltage Regulation
Unbalanced load better than ± 1%
Voltage Tolerance
Better than ± 5%
Nominal Frequency
50 Hz Synchronized to mains
Frequency Tolerance
Better than ± 0.05% (On Batteries)
Total Harmonic Distortion(Linear Load)
Better than 3% on Full Load
THD % (Input)
<5 %
Transient Recovery (Time)
4ms for 100% step load change
Transient Variation (Voltage)
1% for 100% step load change
Load Crest Factor*
Up to 5:1
Overload Capacity*
110% for 30 Sec.
Manual Maintenance Bypass
Provided. Static Bypass Optional.
Isolation Transformer
Inbuilt in design.
Inverter Parameter
Better than 85%
Microprocessor controlled Double conversion advanced VFI inverter with Isolation Transformer at the output.
Converter Design
12 Pulse full bridge rectifier with filter to keep ripple factor < 2 Volts P-P.
Control Technique
Adaptive Sine wave PWM with high frequency switching (20KHz) using IGBT as Principle switching devices.
Battery Parameters
Battery Type
SMF Type
Installation and Commissioning
Done by Supplier
Battery Make
Relicell, Rocket,Quanta
Battery Charger Type
Battery Charger Type
High Efficiency CVCC temperature compensated charger.
Battery Recharge
8 to 10 Hours.
Battery Charging Current*
Proportional to 10 Hours rate for the rated AH of Batteries.
Charger Efficiency
Better than 80%.
Mains Failure
Audible & Indication.
Battery Low
Audible & Indication.
Display Type
Micro Controller Based LED Metering.
Output Load
Percentage of rated load in use.
Battery Charge Status
Percentage of Battery Charge.
Input / Output Voltage
Digital Numerical Value.
Input / Output Frequency
Digital Numerical Value.
On Inverter / Bypass.
Over Voltage, Under Voltage, Phase Failure.
Over Load / Fail.
Galvanic Isolation/Over Charging.
Reliability & Maintainability
Software Interface
RS 485 ( optional on Extra cost)
Battery Voltage
360 VDC and 384 VDC.
Operating Temperature
0-60 Deg. Celsius (ambient)

Important Note:-

Owing to continual R&D efforts above Technical Specifications are likely to change without any communication. However, you are requested to check back with our representatives for any latest information. Specification marked “*” are parameter which are custom-build and can be altered as per User/Load requirement.

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