Drug Discovery & Reappropriation

Host-pathogen interactions are a part of everyday life. In this regard drugs play a key role for human concordance over pathogens. Our team of Scientists is involved in reverse pharmacology approach in order to discover new drugs and re-appropriation of known drugs against new pathological challenges. Our team is vigilant towards antibiotic resistance specially MDR TB. For this possible ligands from known resources like Pubchem are being traced with our team. If needed de novo ligands will be synthesized and will be screened insilico and then by bioassay.

In current outbreak of COVID-19 our team has started the systemic approach towards drug/drugs discovery and re-appropriation of some earlier known drugs. Herbal, herbo-mineral, mineral and nano-particles prepositions are our potential resources of drug discovery. A very vast pool of knowledge of our scientists and researchers is an added advantage towards this.

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